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Bluetooth Spycam Spy Speaker Camera

Hidden Wi-Fi Hidden Camera in Bluetooth Speaker Invisible Secret Wireless Camera System: Place this outstandingly designed and fully-functional Hidden wireless Bluetooth speaker camera in any indoor environment to monitor the room, workplace, etc. in amazing video quality of 1080P HD. You can plug-in to the power socket for round the clock 24*7 recording or use it at any place to capture everything covertly – thanks to its powerful battery that can work constantly for several hours. In addition to this, it comes with several amazing features like motion detection, continuous & scheduled recording, snapshots, adequate storage capacity, and so on, making it perfect for individual as well as official purposes.

It is yet another top seller manufactured by us wherein a small pinhole camera is embedded in fully functional Bluetooth speaker. You can use it for almost all indoor and outdoor areas. In addition to live streaming of the videos captured, you can also see the recorded footage whenever you have time. The best part about this camera is that you can use the Bluetooth speaker as a normal device to enjoy music and everything.

  • Small Size, Outstanding Performance: The device is quite small in size when you compare it with other similar options but you cannot underestimate it when it comes to the performance. Whether it is about the battery power or the storage capacity, everything is so perfect in this device.
  • Invisible Lens Hidden camera: When you see this device for the first time, it is almost impossible for you to detect the camera lens. It is so small that it is almost impossible to see with naked eyes. Hence, your suspect will never know that they are under the surveillance of a Hidden camera.
  • Backup Battery Power: Even though the device has a powerful battery that can help you record for so many hours without any interruption, it comes with backup battery power so that you can capture the intruder without worrying about the battery life.
  • Pin Sharp Video Recordings Hidden camera : Since the device offers high definition 1080P videos, you can expect pin sharp footage with this Hidden camera. It is quite a perfect option if you are using it for your own safety or the safety of your loved ones or precious belongings.
  • Night Vision Hidden Camera : It is one of the reasons why this Hidden camera is highly preferred by our customers. By using this device, you can get pin sharp video footage, regardless of the lighting conditions. Simply put, no matter whether there is proper lighting or completely dark, this device will provide you with amazing quality of videos, images, and sound.
  • Motion Activated Hidden camera : This device comes with motion detection function. It means the Hidden camera will only start capturing when there is any motion or activity. If there is nothing, it will be on the standby mode. This feature is quite important if you want to save on storage as well as battery.


Colour of the DeviceBlack
Resolution of the Videos1080P/720P
Camera LenCMOS 1/4; OV9712
Storage Capacity128GB with the help of a Micro SD card (it is not included with the camera)
Wireless NetworkWi-Fi 802.11b/g/n wireless network
Type of BluetoothBT 4.2 transmission distance ≤ 10M
Frequency Response100HZ-20KHz
Transmission DistanceUp to 10 meters (indoors)
Power supplyDC5V
Battery Capacity2200mAh
Working Temperature-10 to 50℃
Motion DetectionYes
Night VisionYes
Cycle RecordingYes
Wi-Fi Remote ViewYes
Supported Operating System (Mobile Phones)Android and iOS
Net Weight625g
Dimensions of the Camera170mm x65mm x 60mm

Package contents

  • 1x Bluetooth Speaker Hidden camera
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x User Guide

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