Digital Wall Clock Camera | Wall Clock Camera Motion Detection | Home Security Camera


Digital Wall Clock Camera | Wall Clock Camera Motion Detection | Home Security Camera

 Wall Clock Camera : This  Digital wall clock camera in wall clock scan easily be blended in any surroundings. It comes with a small sensor for the wall clock hidden camera feature. This  wall clock wireless hidden camera 1080P with motion detection also comes with a DVR and an adequate amount of storage space. Therefore, you can use this amazing camera for covert operations or recordings in different places/ surroundings in home, office, etc. It can also be used as a ensure the safety of your little one in your absence. Extremely easy to use, the biggest benefits of using this  wall clock camera is that the lens can be adjusted as per your precise monitoring . We have used a camera which cannot be spotted even at the closest inspection. By using this camera, you will get the HD videos, clear images, and superb audios.

This amazing best Small camera wall clock outperforms when you compare it with other similar devices. It does not consume a lot of power when in use or on. In addition to this, the lens we have used in this wall clock  camera wifi can easily be adjusted according to your particular needs and requirements. Due to this benefit, you can set the device on continuous or motion mode. Besides, this device comes that can provide you with the ability to record for longer hours without any break and interruption. Some more notable features of this device have been given below:

  • Motion Detection : This is one of the  cameras that come with an amazing feature called motion detection. We have integrated this feature so that you can save a significant amount of storage as well as battery life. This feature is quite a handy when you are using it for the safety and monitoring purposes and for longer hours of recordings as your camera will provide you with the clutter-free recordings as it starts recording only when there is any motion detected.
  • High Resolution : This is one of the devices that have a wonderful design but do not confuse with its appearance as it looks like quite normal but very effective in terms of performance.  It will give you high definition images and videos along with clear sounds.
  • More Storage : We have provided our users with amazing storage capacity so that you can you can store as much as data possible. In addition to this, you can connect with us and seek customized solutions for the storage capacity.


Sensor of the CameraCMOS
Camera Pixels5 million
Video FormatAVI
Video Resolution1080P HD
Number of Video Frames25 frames per seconds
Motion Detection Camera Range6m in straight line
Power Consumption260mA / 3.7V
Camera Viewing Angle90 degrees
Video Compression FormatH.264
Supported ConnectionsIP / network wireless
Power VoltageDC-5V
Storage CapacityUp to 32GB (SD card is not included)
Battery TypeBuilt-In Lithium Battery
Continuous Recording Time24 hours
Recording Range of the Device5 ㎡
Storage Temperature-20 to 80 ℃
Operating Temperature-10 to 60 ℃
Operating Humidity15% to 85% RH
Supported Mobile Operating Systems Android
Size of the Product16cm x 16cm x 4.5cm



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