Wrist Watch Camera Video With Audio Recorder , While Recording no Light Flashes. Wrist Watch Camera Inbuild 32GB Memory. (Wrist Watch Camera)


  • Audio recording capabilities
  • Portable and inconspicuous
  • High storage capacity
  • Long battery life

Wrist Watch Camera Video With Audio Recorder | Wrist Watch Camera Inbuild 32GB Memory

Function : Smallest  Watch Cameras | spy video camera with audio  | spy video recorder | wrist watch camera

Need an outstanding monitoring tool for your child? Well! You must think about investing in this full HD smart watch with  camera with audio recorder. The best thing about this camera wrist watch camera with night vision is that it can be used as a normal watch to see the time and date. And the icing on the cake is that no one including your child will ever know that they are under a watch camera with audio. Look at the following for more:

Full HD  Wrist Watch Camera With audio recorder,  Video Camrecorder with Audio Recording,  8GB In-Built Memory: It is an undercover monitoring and safety best  watch camera which is disguised as a fully functional wrist watch. By using this device, you can capture high definition video footage along with the crystal clear audio and high quality photos. This device looks quite stylish and you can wear it like a normal watch to see the time and date. It is an ideal option for your child’s safety as they can wear this wrist watch camera and you can get to know everything that take place around them on your device in real-time.

  • Real-Time Monitoring: If you are using it for your child’s monitoring and safety, then it is quintessential to have the feature of real-time monitoring. With this feature, you can keep a watch of your child’s activities in your absence. You can also see on your phone where they are going or doing when they are not with you. This is such an easy way to make sure they are safe all the time.
  • Selectable Resolution: You will not get this feature in normal  cameras.  You can adjust the resolution as per your needs. The device has resolution options 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, and 640 x 480 to choose from.
  • In-Built Microphone: The microphone of this device helps you listen to the conversation clearly. It is quite powerful as it can cover the area from several meters, making it more useful for your child’s safety.
  • More Storage: If you go for a cheaper device, you may get storage of up to 2GB maximum. But there is no use of such devices as you will need to delete the files quite frequently. And when you choose this device, you will get the storage capacity of up to 16GB to capture as much as data you want.



Format of the VideosAVI
Resolution for Videos1920 x 1080
Code of the VideoM-JPEG
Audio RecordingsYES
Format of the PicturesJPG
Resolution for Pictures4032 x 3024
Video Frames per Second25-30 frames per second
Storage Capacity8 GB
Capacity of the Battery500 mAh
Charging TimeUp to 2 Hours
Operational Time3-4 Hours
USB CableMini to USB 2.0
Net Weight90 grams
Type of the InterfaceUSB Standard
Type of the BatteryPolymer Lithium Battery
Charging VoltageDC 5V
Play SoftwareMainstream Video Player Software
Package Includes1 x Fully Functional Wrist Watch

1 x USB Cable

1 x Instructions Booklet or User Manual


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